Best Caulking Guns for painting

th (1)Best 3 Caulking Guns

Hand caulking is a great way to protect and seal seams in a structure. Caulking guns are used for different types of home improvements such as pipe sealing or tile installation before using the best paint brush according to reviews to paint over the smooth surface. It is important to apply caulk to any type of surface you are working on whether small or large. The proper use of caulk gun is quite simple, although it will be much simpler if you make use of the right type. There are different types of caulking guns with different features. Before you buy one, make sure they have the right features for your needs. Below are the best 3 caulking guns used by professionals today.

Newborn Brothers 930-GTD

This model features a half barrel frame that is compatible with 1/10-gal. Cartridges. It has 10:1 thrust ratio, which is mostly used in low viscosity materials like latex.  Newborn Brother 930 has a smooth pressure that is quieter and requires lesser force than a ratchet-based pressure rod. Usually, after pulling the trigger, the rod retracts to remove the pressure from the tube, which prevents dripping. It is designed for extra comfort as the trigger and handle are padded. There is also a welded plate secured at the back for keeping the cartridge in place.  The model equally has a spout cutter and a seal puncture tool designed into the side of the gun which helps to open the cartridge without using a knife. Manufacturers of the Newborn 930 model took their time to make sure the device lasts long after prolong and extended use. It has a very high user rating and is one of the most popular types of caulking guns in the market today.

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo

This is a high grade caulking gun with a lightweight revolving frame and a 12.1 thrust ratio for use mostly with silicone, acrylic, and latex. Its revolving frame is compatible with 10 oz cartridges and enables the barrel rotate freely while maintaining the same level of bead orientation when the caulking gun is used around corners.

The sprout cutter is another excellent feature of this model. It is fixed in the opening while the hook at the back makes it possible to hang on a ladder.  Its drip-free design enables it to caulk without making much of a mess. This caulking gun is very effective as it features an automatic handle, preventing the unnecessary release of caulk when the user releases the handle. Its simple built makes it the sole choice of most professionals.

thNewborn 250 Revolving Caulking Gun

Whether you are completing a large or medium job, the Newborn 250 revolving caulking gun is known to be very reliable over the years. It provides effortless and smooth performance using its very high thrust ratio. This one has a zinc handle with a tin cutter and a puncture tool all in one piece.  It also features a special trigger which helps users make the most use of the tool.


The above types of best caulking guns for painting are quiet and require a lesser force than most other types of caulking guns. They have become everyone’s choice because of their strong design and added corrosion resistant features. That is the reason why they have outperformed other types of caulking guns. They are therefore highly recommended.

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